Do I have to upload my list in a specific format?

Cellcast will accept .CSV files only, the columns must be in the order defined by the system. Here is a link to download the .CSV template – Sample CSV

Manage sub-client pricing

Add commission via scalable percentage (%) to affect sub-client price packages. You can make these changes dynamically, as often as required.

Creating sub-clients

Within your Main client portal, you can add sub-client accounts. After creating their login credentials, you can share details with them to grant access via –

How to send an MMS?

Even though it might sound like a complicated process, creating an MMS is actually quite simple. You just need to follow these easy steps.   Click ‘Create Campaign’ from the left Navigation bar Select ‘Create MMS’ Insert campaign title Insert

Is testing your messages free?

Yes, for the first time it is – you will receive 1 credit on sign-up of your new account, one for SMS and another for MMS trial purposes.

How is the message subject displayed on Android and iOS phones?

On Android handsets, the subject will be included in the ‘message list view’, being the first thing you see when first opening the message app. On IOS, the subject is contained within the message in ‘bold’ type.

Can we arrange a face to face meeting?

Certainly, get in touch with us via George on Live Chat, send us an email or call on the toll free line to get our attention.

Will I receive a TAX invoice?

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Does Cellcast offer pre-paid accounts only?

We offer both prepaid bundles and post paid, monthly accounts. Our terms of use policy for SME’s is designed around pre-purchase. This is a safe way to transact allowing you to purchase just what you need and use credit at

Optimize Images

Optimizing your images will helps your WordPress site load faster. Download and activate WP This plugin will optimize every image you upload and you can use the Bulk feature to smush all of your uploaded images. Alternatives to WP