How do I setup auto responder?

You can set up an SMS auto-responder quickly and easily with Cellcast. An auto-responder allows your customers to SMS something to a number and have our system automatically respond with an SMS. Here’s a short guide on how to do

Does Cellcast remove duplicates from my list?

Yes, when uploading a list, the system will perform a de-duplication procedure. The results of which will be published within the online portal on completions.

How to send an MMS?

Even though it might sound like a complicated process, creating an MMS is actually quite simple. You just need to follow these easy steps.   Click ‘Create Campaign’ from the left Navigation bar Select ‘Create MMS’ Insert campaign title Insert

How do I get my customer list into Cellcast?

You can upload your list via CSV. A sample CSV is provided within the portal, you can easily copy and paste your customer data into the various fields which are applicable include; Number, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Post Code,

How is the message subject displayed on Android and iOS phones?

On Android handsets, the subject will be included in the ‘message list view’, being the first thing you see when first opening the message app. On IOS, the subject is contained within the message in ‘bold’ type.

Can we arrange a face to face meeting?

Certainly, get in touch with us via George on Live Chat, send us an email or call on the toll free line to get our attention.