What are the features of your new reseller account?

Cellcast can now be completely invisible to your sub-clients. We provide you with level 1-3 support, so that you can manage and support your clients with ease. Integrate with SMS & MMS Branded portal & reporting Custom SMS & MMS

Is Cellcast a reliable messaging partner?

Sending a message that’s never delivered is a terrible experience for your users, which is why we’re proud of the close-knit relationships we keep with the major wireless carriers. As a major carrier ourselves we know what it takes to

Do you return delivery time of SMS in API?

Yes, our enterprise customers operate primarily on efficiency, Cellcast is designed to meet this criteria as a minimum.

Can I re-sell Cellcast services?

Yes, we have a whitelable solution designed for individuals who would require a parent admin account with up to fifty sub-client accounts. Cellcast also offers agency ready white label solutions, should you require a custom braded user experience for your