What is the difference between a shared and dedicated number?

A ‘shared’ number (two-way) is provided to all customers, this is the lowest cost solutions. this number is subject to change without notice (every few months) your messages will then be deliver from the new ‘shared’ number. A ‘dedicated’ number

Is testing your messages free?

Yes, for the first time it is – you will receive 1 credit on sign-up of your new account, one for SMS and another for MMS trial purposes.

Is there any addition cost for two way communications?

The short answer is no, however if you do require a custom user-flow then there will be additional fee on initial setup.

Do you return delivery time of SMS in API?

Yes, our enterprise customers operate primarily on efficiency, Cellcast is designed to meet this criteria as a minimum.

Are there any account activation, access or license fee’s?

No, Cellcast is designed to be a self service pre-pay platform. After topping up your credit you are free to use the platform at your leisure.