How many characters are allowable in one MMS?

In your MMS you can have up to 1000 characters, an additional 30 characters are allocated for the message Subject.

How many characters are allowable in one SMS?

You have the capability of sending messages in excess of 160 characters through our services. When sending a message in excess of 160 characters, the message is broken up in to message parts of 153 characters, and sent to the

Can I connect with ZOHO?

Cellcast allows you to send SMS using Zoho from Lead/Contact/Potential module, Bulk SMS messaging and SMS histories for outgoing and incoming text messages. Cellcast SMS Zoho CRM Documentation

What is Email to SMS?

Email to SMS is software which allows you to turn an email into a text message without any extra effort. Once registered with us, simply write your email and send your message to Your message will be converted from

Which numbers can be used for two-way and one-way?

It is only possible to receive ‘replies’ when sending from a mobile number (shared or dedicated). Message sent using using a ‘name’ or ‘non mobile number’ as the ID cannot be replied to, as such they are ‘one-way’ only. Note:

What is the difference between a shared and dedicated number?

A ‘shared’ number (two-way) is provided to all customers, this is the lowest cost solutions. this number is subject to change without notice (every few months) your messages will then be deliver from the new ‘shared’ number. A ‘dedicated’ number

How is the message subject displayed on android and iPhone?

On Android handsets the subject will be included in the ‘message list view’, being the first thing you see when first opening the message app. On IOS the subject is contained within the message in ‘bold’ type.

Does cellcast remove duplicates from my list?

Yes, when uploading a list, the system will perform a de-duplication procedure. The results of which will be published within the online portal on completions.

What happens when a customer unsubscribes?

We value the wished of our community, to ensure this a automatic global opt-out list is applied to each account. This means that any customer who manually requests opt-out of your future campaigns (via either replying ‘stop’ or using the

What is 3GPP?

MMS is specified by 3GPP, and allows for submission and reception of multiple content types (e.g. video, audio, images, text) to and from a mobile device. MMS is a store and forward medium that takes advantage of a carrier’s MMSC