Does Cellcast remove duplicates from my list?

Yes, when uploading a list, the system will perform a de-duplication procedure. The results of which will be published within the online portal on completions.

What happens when a customer unsubscribes?

We know you care about your customers and want them to stay engaged with the content they love. That’s why we’ve created an automatic global opt-out list that will be applied on all accounts, so any customer who manually requests opting

Do I have to upload my list in a specific format?

Cellcast will accept .CSV files only, the columns must be in the order defined by the system. Here is a link to download the .CSV template – Sample CSV

How do I get my customer list into Cellcast?

You can upload your list via CSV. A sample CSV is provided within the portal, you can easily copy and paste your customer data into the various fields which are applicable include; Number, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Post Code,