How do I get my customer list into Cellcast?

You can upload your list via CSV. A sample CSV is provided within the portal, you can easily copy and paste your customer data into the various fields which are applicable include; Number, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Post Code,

Is testing your messages free?

Yes, for the first time it is – you will receive 1 credit on sign-up of your new account, one for SMS and another for MMS trial purposes.

How to send an SMS?

Even though it might sound like a complicated process, creating an SMS is actually quite simple. You just need to follow these easy steps. Select ‘Create Campaign’ from the left hand side of the navigation bar  Select SMS and ‘Next’

What are the features of Cellcast’s new reseller account?

Cellcast can now be completely invisible to your sub-clients. We provide you with level 1-3 support, so that you can manage and support your clients with ease. Integrate with SMS & MMS Branded portal & reporting Custom SMS & MMS

Will I receive a TAX invoice?

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Does Cellcast offer pre-paid accounts only?

We offer both prepaid bundles and post paid, monthly accounts. Our terms of use policy for SME’s is designed around pre-purchase. This is a safe way to transact allowing you to purchase just what you need and use credit at