MMS Image Requirements

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Supported media types for MMS

MMS on Cellcast offers full support for common image file types: png, jpeg, and gif.

For sending MMS messages, please review Cellcast’s Accepted Content Types for Media for fully supported media file support.

Total message size must be under 380kb. An API request with media and Content larger than 380kb will fail with an error.

For the following media file types, please contact your account manager: mpg4, mp3

The following types of content are fully supported by Cellcast for Media. This content will be formatted for delivery on destination devices.

  1. image/jpeg
  2. image/gif
  3. image/png
  4. vcf
  5. mid

MMS Image Specification

  • Your image layout should be vertical as most mobile devices display vertically.
  • Media file types accepted – .jpg, .gif, .png, .mp4, .mp3, .pkpass, .vcf
  • File size of images should not exceed 380kb.
  • Best image dimensions are 327 pixels (height) and 400 pixels (width).
  • Image resolution should be 72 pixels.
  • Subject line is 40 characters – use it wisely!
  • Keep additional text to less than 500 words for better readability. (up to 1000 available)
  • Use .GIF format for animated images.
  • File size for GIF formats should be below 380kb.

NOTE : Please pass the media URL(mms_file) accessible/downloadable. If you have not received the correct MMS with the media, please check your media URL file permission/server security in your server.