Connect with Zapier using Cellcast

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zapier login
Step 1. Login or Register –
Accept invite
Step 2. To use cellcast with zapier you will need to ‘Accept a private invite’, to do this please click the link below and accept invite.
Create a new Zap
Step 3. Now it’s time to create your zap! Click “+ Create Zap”(top left side) 
Choose app
 Step 4. Search for the app or service you would like to connect with Cellcast
Trigger event
Trigger event
Step 5. Select the Event required to start the Zap. This will start the sequence of events.
Choose account
Step 6. Choose account (if required)
Test trigger
Step 7. Set up trigger
Step 8. Test trigger and continue to Step 2 – Action
Search for Cellcast
Step 9. Search for Cellcast 
Select event for Cellcast
Step 10. Select the event you want to happen once zap has been triggered

Step 11. In the next step you will be asked to authenticate your account.

To do this you will need your cellcast API Key. You can locate your API key from the main Menu “API Connect” – > “API Key” if you have not got one please click on “Activate Key” button to generate your Key. 

Test zap

Step 12. Set up action and test.

Zapier Prices

Extra charges may apply.

Zapier will offer 100 free zaps (triggers), once you exceed this, you will need to upgrade your plan. Each lead/message is equivalent to one zap/trigger.

Video Tutorial

Steps 3-10 can also be followed via the video “How to Create Your First Zap in Zapier”