Delivery Reports

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The status field describes which state a particular message is in. Please note that statuses of type Intermediate will only be reported if you request a status per recipient (Retrieve a recipient delivery report), no callback will be made to report them.

Please contact us to setup Callback URL.

The following statuses are available when using the REST API.

QueuedIntermediateMessage is queued within REST API system and will be dispatched according to the rate of the account.
DispatchedIntermediateMessage has been dispatched and accepted for delivery by the SMSC.
AbortedFinalMessage was aborted before reaching the SMSC.
RejectedFinalMessage was rejected by the SMSC.
DeliveredFinalMessage has been delivered.
FailedFinalMessage failed to be delivered.
ExpiredFinalMessage expired before delivery to the SMSC. This may happen if the expiry time for the message was very short.
UnknownFinalMessage was delivered to the SMSC but no Delivery Receipt has been received or a Delivery Receipt that could not be interpreted was received.