Recurring Campaign

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How to create a recurring campaign?

  1. Click ‘Create Campaign’ from the left Navigation bar
  2. Select ‘Create MMS’
  3. Insert campaign title
  4. Insert campaign subtitle
  5. Insert message details
  6. Select ‘Copy and Paste List’
    • You can enter multiple numbers for per campaign date.
    • Eg. You would like to schedule campaign on 9th day of each month
      Copy all contacts into field textbox.
    • Creating a single campaign for the 9th

7. On the next step, select ‘Recurring’ option

  • Select ‘Month’ from ‘Schedule Type’ drop down
  • Select date from ‘Schedule Monthly Date’
  • Select ‘Schedule Time’

8. On next step, click ‘Confirm & Send’ to complete and schedule campaign

Recurring Campaign List

You can view the list of recurring campaign on the left Navigation bar.

Recurring Campaign Details

From the list, you can view and manage it.