Custom ‘Sender ID’ message specifications?

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A sender ID can be one of 3 types: alpha, numeric, and short code.

Note: Only numeric and short code sender ID’s can be replied to.

Alpha sender IDs consist of letters (a-z) and digits (0-9), other characters may be used but may not be supported by all phones and operators. Numeric sender IDs should be in an international format e.g. +447712312312. Alpha sender IDs are usually limited to a length of 11 characters and numeric sender IDs are limited to 16 digits. Short codes are typically 5 or 6 digits but this can vary by country.

The use of a dynamic sender ID feature is not allowed in all countries, as it is subject to the local compliance and carrier rules.

  • Valid characters: A-Z a-z 0-9;
  • A numeric sender ID can be a maximum length of 16 digits
  • An alpha-numeric Sender ID can be a maximum length of 11 characters.